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History and Culture of Istria

Make your vacation in Croatia unforgettable

Plan your vacation in Istria where every day you can visit some of the most interesting places in all of Croatia . The Istrian peninsula as well as being famous for its crystal clear seas is also known for its historical and cultural attractions .

Pula (Pola)

For history lovers, an important stop is the Roman forum which is located in the central square of Roman Pola . On the forum there was the temple of the Capitoline Triad, Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Today only the temple of Augustus remains.
The amphitheater is located just outside the walls of the old Pula and is the most famous and important monument in the city. It was built in the first century at the same time as the Roman Colosseum and was used for gladiator fights. Today the arena can hold 5,000 people and hosts sporting events, concerts and even festivals, the most important being the Pula film festival .

Medieval routes (Dignano)

The trekking route , a combination between history and sport, is located in Dignano , in Croatian Vodnjan, a small town rich in history and culture which is only 22 km from Banjole and it is 6.5 km long and lasts about an hour and a half. You can walk on the dirt path that crosses vineyards , olive groves and from which you can admire the “ casite ” and dry stone walls , very similar to our Apulian trulli. Historical churches and archaeological sites are other little “gems” to visit along the way. Do not limit your curiosity and also visit the town center!
Vodnjan is full of murals that can be admired by taking a walk through the alleys and districts of the city. You can let yourself be fascinated by art but also by gastronomy: Dignano is famous for the production of the particular quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil , perfect gift to your loved ones.

Medulin Windmill in the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia

The windmill of Medulin was built around 140 years ago, and today it grinds wheat as it did in the early days with the help of an electric motor for windless days. Two windmills were built and they were the first in the whole Mediterranean, so they soon became known throughout the country and people flocked to grind cereals.
Currently the mill looks exactly as it was in its origins, in stone and circular in shape with a conical roof. Inside are the objects necessary for the processing of flour and antiques.

Medulin and sports

Medulin is only 10 km from Pula and is the perfect place to spend a fun and adrenaline-filled day. It is one of the most visited places in all of Istria . Medulin Beach is ideal for walking, running and cycling. You can go horseback riding, play golf, volleyball, rent windsurfing boards, kayaks, sailboards, boats and pedal boats or if you are looking for adrenaline you can take a panoramic flight with a sport plane and enjoy the splendid panorama of the city of Medulin and its crystal clear waters. In addition, there are also specially prepared grounds for playing paintball.